Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here it is: my first BLOG!

Blogging is cool. It's kind of like spying on people and seeing how cool their lives are and how boring your own life is. I thought to myself "Hey I bet that I could make people think that my life rocks and their life is kinda boring!" So we'll see how it works!

For our first adventure I'll take you along on our most recent vacation. We went to Park City Wednesday night and came back today. We had so much fun! Stewart's parents rented a condo for the week and let us come along for a few days! The first night Eli went swimming right away and that was probably his favorite thing about the vacation.

We played cards, ate good food, went up to mirror lake, swam and slept in! It was so much fun to all be together.

See my handsome husband! He is a great fisherman! Usually he catches bigger fish than this though. We let Eli touch it and threw it back in.

Friday we went and rode the Alpine slide and Coaster. They were really fun...well the coaster was the slide was kind of scary! I remember kids coming to school with huge scabs from crashing on the Alpine slide but the coaster is safe and will not come off the tracks so I rode that with Eli and Stewart rode the Slide with him. we aso went shopping at the outlets we got Eli this hat...

Eli is in full fledged PIRATE mode. He walks up to children in stores or wherever and makes a hook with his finger and says "arrrr I'm captain hook." or "arrr I'll make you walk the plank." It freaks the other kids out and is pretty embarrassing. Some days he likes to be called a scurvy pirate and some days I'm the scurvy pirate and he's the good pirate. You really just never know what kind of day it will be with him! :) well you pretty much know it will be a fun one.

OK that's all for now hopefully you wish that
A) you were able to go to Park City too or
B) that your husband could catch fish like mine...and look good doing it or
C) you could play pirates with a cute little boy like me!


Angie Monson said...

Bloggers do rock! I love people who blog, it is funny because you get to be a part of their life even though you aren't hanging out! Funny and sad I guess, but it is great to see what you are up to. We moved, again! to Eagle Mountain. How are you?

Alicia said...

YOur life will never be the same. I hope you're excited. I am so glad we can be blogging buddies.
btw We missed you at the WJ reunion. It was actually really fun.