Sunday, August 19, 2007


So tonight we went on a walk around the neighborhood. Eli was sitting in the stroller some of the time and walking some of the time. Well he got mad at me because I told him that he couldn't push the stroller any more and he started freaking out! (He can't steer it and was going out into the road.) So he's crying and freaking out and wanting me to hold him. It was really embarrassing because everyone that was out was looking at us like we were doing something really mean to our child.

Finally we strapped him into the stroller so he wouldn't jump out and walked home as fast as we could. Well he is going nuts and starts screaming that he is peeing in his pants so we hurry and got him out and he peed in the street! (the good news was that the jammies stayed dry.)

He calmed down a little after that and then said "I need something to stop me from crying." I said "do you need a spank?" he said no. I offered a stick and he said no...he LOVES sticks. So I threw the stick on the ground then he freaked out because he wanted that stick back. Well I was not going to go get it again and so the whole rest of the way home he said over and over "go back and get that stick. Look it's crying." and "that stick wants me, it's crying!" When I told him that I didn't want to hear about the stick anymore he put his hand up to his mouth and whispered that that the poor stick was crying. It was not a good night for a walk!

On the plus side he fell right to sleep when we got home. :)