Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Eli says:

Some funny things that Eli has said this week:

Talking about his dad. "Dad is grumpy. I'm going to make him laugh. Haa haa haa (this was his fake laugh) joka, joka, joka."
Apparently if you want to make a funny joke, but can't think of one you can just say joka and it's as good as a joke. Stewart wasn't even grumpy.

Eli and Stewart tackled me and Eli said, "TACKLE, tackle, I'm tackling you! tackle," as he bounced up and down on my stomach.

After Stewart and Eli tackled me Eli wanted us to tackle him. So Stewart pinned him down and was kind of laying on top of him. Eli said, "mom let's make a Daddy sandwich." I got on top of Stewart and Eli said "Dad's the jelly. Haa haa Dad, you're the jelly." When I said "no, he's the peanut butter because he's a nut." Eli thought it was hilarious.

"I'm thankful for the Gospel, and Jesus loves me, and my mom and dad." This is his primary program talk that he wrote himself.

We were going to the neighbors and I said that we were just going a little ways away and he said "no we aren't." I said "yes, we are" and he said "OK, I'll trust you mom."

Eli: "I'm not going to church today."
Me: "well you get to talk in the microphone today."
Eli: "OK! let's go!"


Mickael said...

My favorite Eli-ism is when we were waiting at the marina for you and Stewart to bring in the Wave runners and he saw a boy who looked about 8 do something he thought was naughty and he told me, "that boy needs a little spank" so I told him let's get him. And we got out. But I wasn't really going to spank the kid and I think Eli was disappointed because after I distracted him by looking for you two he still reminded me several times that the naughty boy needed a little spank.

Becca Jo said...

That's my son! He's like a superhero he fights for justice.

jeri said...

Only a few more months until D is in primary and has to do talks. I'm dreading the tantrums already. Maybe Eli will have to share with her the joys of speaking into the microphone.

Valerie S said...

What a cute little guy! We love to hear Eli talk because you never know what he's going to say.