Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hide and Seek

Eli has reached a major milestone. Yesterday Eli called for me to come and find him. Eli has 2 maybe 3 hiding places that he likes to hit. Well I went to find him and looked under his Eli. I looked in his closet and my Eli. I kept saying, "I'm going to find you" and then listening for the tell-tale giggle. I said "I'm going to tickle you when I find you," I got nothin'! I even said "who wants ice cream?" And he was silent! At this point I admit I was getting kind of scared because I thought that he was kidnapped! (This is the kind of mom that I am...totally neurotic.) Finally I found him hiding between the couch and the cedar chest. I said "I couldn't find you!" He said "I had to be quiet so you couldn't find me." So Eli now can be quiet when he's playing hide-and-seek. That really is a pretty major accomplishment.


Valerie S said...

So he figured it out, huh? Well, I told you he was smart.