Monday, October 22, 2007

Lucky Me!...Again

I got some more flowers! I think this is one of my favorite arrangements yet! The pink gerber daisy and the roses and the little pink filler flowers are all the same color of pink. There is a baby pink daisy in the back and the beautiful orange one in the front. Oh I love it! Stewart had these sent to me today. I think that my husband is so sweet. He really does take good care of me. All weekend he pretty much waited on me hand and foot and would get mad if I tried to do things for myself! He also ALWAYS opens my car door and gives me the last bite of dessert. What a guy!


The Haights said...

The last bite of dessert? Wow! How would that be? He's a keeper.

Valerie S said...

I'm glad you married such a considerate man. And I'm glad you appreciate him. Love you both.