Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good News

Red Pants was at step aerobics! He was about 10 minutes late so I was getting really worried but he didn't let me down. When I saw him I looked at my friend and said "YES!" He wore the red pants today because that IS his cutest outfit. The bad news is that I wasn't behind him so it was harder to watch him.

Today was harder than last week for 3 reasons: 1-I'm sore from yesterday...it really hurts. 2-The instructor added all these crazy new steps which really confused me even though he had a cold which got my hopes up that it would be an easier day today. He just called out instructions instead of doing the moves when he got tired. 3-I tried to watch Red Pants and would get completely thrown off.


jeri said...

Can't you sneak in a camera phone or something? I'm just dying to see Red Pants Guy!

The Haights said...

I wish I could work out with you and see Red Pants. Next time, you'll need to pick a spot where you'll think he'll go if he's late. That way...you'll be ready.