Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Plant For Sale

I have 2 plants. I hate having plants. You have to take care of them and I forget to take care of them. My poor plant on the left looked like this for like 3 days before I decided to water it. I REALLY want it to die but I can't just kill it because it makes me feel guilty. I also want to throw it away but again the guilt kicks in. My plant on the right used to be really beautiful but has slowly died off. This last part is hearty and just won't die though.

Why won't a bugler break in and take my plants?! This would solve everything! They would be gone and their lives wouldn't be on my hands.


georganne said...

Becca, you are so funny! Have you ever seen 28 days with Sandra Bullock?
"It's very important that I did not kill this plant"

jeri said...

You should list them on craigslist. "Two plants, not quite dead, to a good home."