Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Bag of Crap

I am obsessed with this website. I check it, pretty much, every night at 11:00 pm which is when they put the new deal of the day up. Anyway, they once in a while will put up something called the "random bag of crap." Basically for 1 dollar plus 5.00 shipping they will send you a bag of stuff. This random bag of crap is very desirable and if you ever get one I will worship you. I was thisclose to getting one once but I couldn't remember the magical 3 digit # on the back of my debit card! By the time I got it they were sold out...they sell out in about 5.6 seconds so the fact I got that close was pretty good.

Anyway I haven't posted for SO long because I don't think that I have anything good to talk about. This post is going to be my random bag of crap post because there have been a few things to say but nothing worthy of it's own post.

1-I tried to get a picture of Red Pants but the picture wouldn't have looked good and I missed out on some of the routine so I was lost like the rest of the time. Today's step class was the best one yet. It was really fun and I did better than usual. I only missed steps about 20% of the time.

2-There is a kid that rides a unicycle to school. It's hilarious!

3-Eli to Stewart: "I'm going to destroy you."

4-I hate word verification when you post comments on people's blogs. Is there a reason for it? Let's discuss?

5-I HATE spinning class. Why is it SO freaking hard and boring and why are the seats so hard?! My pubic bone is bruised! Bruised I tell you...sorry that I said pubic.

6- I seriously hate the word scalp. It kinda makes me sick.

7-I bought 8 boxes of total cereal for $5.30. I LOVE SALES.

8-I made dinner last night! It was so good it. It's called Crock Pot Chicken Alfredo. It's so fattening and so good. I'm going to make something healthy tonight...in fact my goal is to cook every night this week.

Well I guess that's everything. I have to get Eli ready for school or I could keep going. I guess this is what happens when I'm silent for too long.


Valerie S said...

Oh, I'd love to see a kid ride a unicycle to school. How old is this kid? Like a 6th grader?

Why do you hate the world scalp? Don't you like people to rub your scalp? I go into a trance if people do that to me.

What is a spinning class? Do you get motion sickness in it? Is there a seat you sit on? Maybe you could bring a cushion.

Becca Jo said...

The unicycle rider is at least in high school.

I like people to rub my HEAD or play with my HAIR

Spinning is bicycling

you're funny mom

Valerie S said...

A kid in HS rides a unicycle to school? Does he WANT to get beat up?

Why do you go to a spinning class, don't you already know how to ride a bicycle? I distinctly remember you pedaling down the street on you minature red bicycle screaming "I'm riding my bike and I'm only 3 years old". Do they teach you some tricks or something in riding a bicyle in spinning class? Maybe you could learn to ride a unicycle too?

Becca Jo said...

Mother, what have you been drinking? You are on one today!

Valerie S said...

I can be funny. What? You didn't know this yet?

BTW, I just won tickets to the new play Menopause. I'm funny and lucky.

Jill said...

I am so with you on the scalp thing! How do you feel about 'moist' and 'flesh'?? They rub me the wrong way too. And skull depending on my mood.

Valerie I am so jealous you are going to see Menopause (the musical!) Let me know how it is, I might take my mom.

Oh and the word verification. SO ANNOYING.

jeri said...

Did you see that I took the word verification thing off the Biggest Loser blog just to appease you? I wonder if it's there to prevent auto-comment-posting that's like, porn ads and stuff. I see those on business blogs.

Ugh, the word "flesh" is horrible. I also hate the word "nude".

Valerie S said...

Ha, ha Jill. I already asked your Mom to go with me.

Scar Belly said...


Oh, you forgot that we had a debate on the virtues of shotguns versus AR15 rifles in the event of a zombie uprising!

That's pretty random!

I can't believe you said pubic - couldn't you just as easily have said pelvic?

Rebecca said...

About the whole unicycle thing. Their is a college student up here at USU that rides his unicycle to school everyday (snow) up the hills. He doesn't walk it up or down. I think he is nuts.

Alicia said...

Thank you for saying pubic and scalp in the same post. It made my day.
I had a student last year who always rode her unicycle. It always made me chuckle.
I hate word verification too. It totally blows.
I can't even stand the thought of going to a spin class.

Jill said...

Valerie is totally trying to steal my date! You guys will have fun!