Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stewart's taking all the good blogs.

Stewart posted a blog about New Years and snowshoeing and he really did them justice so now I can't really post about them!

I do want to talk about something that is VERY important that I learned on New Years Eve. I have found a drink that is, to quote Danny, made out of angel and/or baby tears. It is sweet liquid ambrosia and sugar in the purest most heavenly form that I have EVER tasted. This Heavenly drink is known as Jones Cream Soda. Hopefully it's really expensive so that I don't become diabetic from this sinfully delicious drink...it could be worth it...I don't know, I'll think about it.

We have had a great year. It has had it's ups and downs...lot's of downs now that I think about it...but I'm just so glad for what I have. I'm glad that through all my trials I have a wonderful partner to face them with. Home is such a wonderful place with Stewart and Eli. I love having a family to love and receive love from. I do hope that I can be the best mom and wife that I can be in this new year. I hope that everyone has a wonderful year and that all your wishes some true...and that you get to drink some Jones Cream Soda.


Scar Belly said...

Stealing all the good posts is my secret plan to steal all your readers!!!

Mu ha ha ha!!!

I think you're a swell partner too - I guess I better get you some more Jones Soda to keep you happy.

georganne said...

When I read Stewart's snowshoe post I was actually thinking "This is more like something Becca would post. I wonder why Stewart did it." He's turning into a family blogger. Ha Ha.

jeri said...

Hmmm, I need to get me some of that! I'm so glad you guys came down yesterday because we don't get to see nearly enough of you. Darcy talked all afternoon about "Eli my little friend".

Valerie S said...

I've never heard of Jones soda. Where do you get it?

You have a wonderful year too and I hope all your dreams come true.

sorensenpower said...

Yes, I did see you quoted me! Stick by my words of wisdom and you will be fine!