Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eli says:

He has been pretty dang cute lately and this post will be about funny things he has done as well.

Eli now opens my door about 70% of the time. It started with Stewart telling Eli that they had to help me get in the car. Then they started racing to see who could do it first and now Eli does it by himself a lot of the time. It's about the cutest thing I've seen. So now Eli's going to be a husband that opens doors AND sends flowers.

When we pulled up to go bowling Eli sighed and said "are we going bowling? That sounds boring." We know for a fact that Eli loves to go bowling. We, of course, said that if he didn't want to go bowling we would go home. He replied begrudgingly that he would go bowling even though you can tell thta he really wanted to go. I call these "teenage moments." I don't know why he is having them now at this age but it drives me nuts. Why does he have to think he's too cool for stuff already?

While watching cartoons the other day Eli asked if he could eat some spinach when we got home from church. The boy on the commercial ate spinach and got super powers so Eli thinks that it's true. He also has to drink a Coolaid Jammer when he sees that commercial.

When Eli talks on the phone he can't hold still. Instead of pacing like Stewart he runs back and forth in the front room. It's pretty funny to watch.

After getting ready for preschool on Wednesday Eli said "I think I'll be the coolest kid in town." He was wearing Transformer shoes and a Transformer shirt and he had his Thomas book bag full of his cool school supplies. That is pretty dang cool!

When Stewart and I are in the car Eli will come up from the back seat and put his arms around our shoulders and say "let's hug each other." It's SO cute.


The Haights said...

He's so funny. You forgot the part where he wanted to smash the Koolaid Jammer when he was done drinking it, just like on the commercial.

I need to remember the funny things my kids say.

Deidra said...

He is so cute! I am going to have to recommend the door opening thing to my Zack. I like that! Also, Zack thinks he is tooo cool to do anything and always calls everything boring! I think it must be normal and will only get worse!

Sterling said...

Eating spinach DOES make you stronger. I have many personal experiences that prove it.

Valerie S said...

I think he walks around when he's on the phone so he can think of things to talk about. Like when he spied the couch and had to tell me how it opened up into a bed. I couldn't think how that couch ended up in our phone conversation until I realized he was probably walking around and saw the couch and decided to tell me about it. He is so funny. I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

The Bollinger Family said...

What a cute kid. Keep him single until Summer is old enough to date. She needs a gentleman to open her doors and send her flowers.