Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Mac.

I got a new computer!  It's a Mac and I LOVE it.  I've ben having so much fun with it I can't even tell you.  I have already made a DVD slideshow of Eli showing what he did the year he was 4. He really liked it. (Mostly because it had the song "smoke on the water" on it. )  I have tried uploading it to YouTube but the internet here is SO slow so it hasn't worked.  Maybe when I am in Utah I can get it uploaded.

Anyway, I've been editing my pictures of Eli to get them ready for the slideshow.  I have had so much fun making bad pics turn out better.  These are my favorite changed pictures. I realize that some of you have been photo editing for a long time but I haven't except with really complicated crappy programs that just came with my computer.  

So far I love my Mac and I have a sneaking suspicion that I may be a lifetime Mac user now.  If that makes me a snob* then so be it!

*Stewart's been calling me a Mac Snob


Ben said...

Not a day goes by that I don't thank Apple for their wonderful products.
Now you can finally be condescending to PC owners! Its so awesome!

It helps to be really smug when their PC freezes, and then say,"Woah, what happened? I've never seen that before."

jeri said...

Welcome to snobdom. I still use our PC for different things (Macky won't run the vinyl-cutter) but I love him all the same. Plus it's so easy to unplug and move that I take him into our room and watch movies on his big, lovely screen.

Deidra said...

I too love my Mac. Virus? What's a virus?

Scar Belly said...

For the record, Becca wouldn't have bought her mac if it hadn't been for me forcing her to actually look at the models and then go to the store and spend the money.

I also got her a blue tooth mouse and keyboard that she didn't want to spend extra money for.

Of course, at that point, she realized I was in a moment of weakness and she asked me to buy her a wireless photo printer/scanner and of course I said yes...

Anyways... by "mac snob", I'm talking about the people who are like, "Mac changed my life! My hair line stopped receding, members of the opposite sex started to find me incredibly attractive, I stopped aging completely, and I was able to end starvation in Africa!"

I'm sure Mac's are great - but I've been using both Mac's and PC's since 1994 when my parents bought a Power MAC 6100/60 (yeah, that's right - 60 Megahertz of processing power!), so if I don't appear to be falling for the new wave of marketing, you'll know why.

Ha ha!