Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Phone

Why I like talking to my sister on the phone:

1-She lets me talk about all the reasons that I think I might be pregnant and confirms all the reasons and encourages me to believe that I really might be pregnant...every month.  You might think that she should try to not let me get my hopes up but you would be WRONG!  Having someone listen to all my "symptoms" makes me feel better and even thought I know I'm not really pregnant the feeling that someone believes that I COULD be makes me feel better. 

2-She listens to me talk about gross things like...ew I started typing them but it was too gross. They are things you shouldn't ever say to another human being but I can talk about them to her and she listens.

3-I can be talking to her and if someone calls that I want to talk to her I can say, "So-and-so* is calling, I'll call you back." She doesn't get offended. She can do the same to me. 

4-She lets me brag about Eli...incessantly.  She makes me believe that she loves Eli as much as I do. 

5-She listens to me describe why it will be better to just have one kid when she has 3 and she knows I want more.

6-We can talk for a long time about so many different things.  People, places, dreams, and people to name a few.

Here a snippets of a few of our conversations this week:
Me: Don't get your hopes up I'm just asking a question.
Stacy: Ok
I proceed to ask her what her symptoms were were in early pregnancy with her latest pregnancy. Because I think that I'm pregnant even though I have NONE of the regular symptoms.  She names some and I ask for specifics on breast tenderness. 
Stacy: Not very much. I didn't really have that until later.
Me: Well I'm not having any at all.
Stacy: Yeah, OK then I didn't have any. 
It was so nice to encourage my insanity. I'm not pregnant by the way.

We are having a conversation:
Stacy: Hey Alli's calling. I'll call you back.
She called me back 10 minutes later.  

I just love my sister. I'm so glad that we outgrew the raging hate we felt when we shared a room. NKOTB must die!
*I don't actually know any one named So-and-so


The Haights said... I do sound like a total jerk for saying.."Someone I want to talk to more than you is I'll call you back!" ;)

I love when you tell me Eli stories. They are so funny.

Sometimes when you tell me reasons why it's better just to have one kid, you convince me that it's true and I'm trying to think about which two to give away. ;)

You are a great sister! I love talking to you too. I can't wait for you to move back.

And for clarifcation...I never REALLY loved NKOTB. I was just trying to fit in with my friends. I'm Serious!

Becca Jo said...

No it's cool that you can do that. I've done the same to you. as long as you tell me what you talked about it's all good!

Remember when you tried to hit me with a hanger and then hit your NKOTB poster instead and it ripped? That was so funny. We never should have shared a room.

Valerie S said...

It's good that you shared a room or one of your would have had to sleep in the back yard.

I'm glad you girls love each other and are good friends. It makes me cry!

Alicia said...

Sisters are the one of the greatest blessings ever! I love mine too and talk to at least one of them every day on the phone. Blaine used to tease me about it until I pointed out that he talks to his brothers on Instant Messenger several times a day. I win.

Scar Belly said...

Stacy is REALLY convincing - she had me believing that I was pregant too!

Becca Jo said...

no, no she doesn't convince me that I am she just listens to my reasons why I COULD be and agrees that they COULD mean that I may or may not be pregnant. :)