Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend

Yeah. I know. It's almost NEXT weekend but I'm still going to talk about LAST weekend.

SATURDAY we went hiking to a place called Saunders Springs. It was really pretty and fun but too humid! We went and bought ice cream and cones after to enjoy a cool treat at home. We also went bowling and Stewart won one game and we tied one game. I still got my side of the bet though so it was ok.

MONDAY we went to Louisville and went to the Louisville Science Center. It was SO much fun. We saw an IMAX dinosaur movie and played a dinosaur video game where you pretend that you are the dinosaur and you have to survive. It was incredibly hard and I don't know how the kids figure it out. We got to see what Eli will look like as he ages and built some cool towers. Eli and Stewart made a big bubble around themselves too. It was a really fun busy day.

When Eli grows up he'll be handicapped and Stewart will be a killer. There was a cool program that would show how you would age. Some peoples looked real but Eli's picture wasn't good so he looked "special" and I guess what more can you do to a bald guy but make him look scarier.

We had such a fun weekend. Stewart isn't going to have another day off all month! We will still get to see him at lunch and at night but no weekend trips for a little bit. We are still having a lot of fun here and are so glad to be in KY.


The Haights said...

At first, I thought that the picture of Eli was a "before" and the picture of stewart was an "after". So I thought that it project that Eli would look like stewart. I thought it was a pretty ingenious machine. But your right. Eli does look special and Stewart does look like a killer.

Deidra said...

Hilarious! Where can I find a machine like that around here?