Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday

I love Black Friday.  When I look in the ads and I don't see anything that I need/want I start to panic a little bit.  This year I did pick up a few little things. Like a Wii and an LCD TV.  The TV was an impulse buy!  I shouldn't be left alone with a debit card on Black Friday.  I'm not usually an impulse buyer but this is one day of the year that I can't help myself!

I went with my Uncle Larry and cousin Rebecca. It was a little hectic because the Walmart wasn't setup very well and nobody knew where things were setup at.  They didn't even have everything out that was in the ad!  But I got everything that I wanted and did some price matching.  I even got the last of 2 different things right as someone else was reaching for them! YES! That's why I love black friday. 


Ben said...

What?! Walmart wasn't organized? Nah, thats impossible! Their employees are so intelligent and helpful!
Their bathrooms are always so clean and never have crap-splatter up the walls!
I don't believe you!

Valerie S said...

Thanks for getting the stuff I wanted at your Wal-Mart. This is a benefit of having daughters who will shop for me on Black Friday.

The Bollinger Family said...

Anything goes on black Friday. Way to fight for your goods. We saw a fist fight break out at the mall-it was awesome. I was new to the whole midnight shopping until this year but now I am a fan. It is chaos at it's best. You are brave to hit walmart. I can barely stand that place during the week. I think I would have to put on my hockey gear.

Deidra said...

You ARE brave to go to Walmart, I heard some people died this year! I can believe it though, it's chaos! Good job with the shopping.