Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is Coming?

Here was my Eli Says: moment today

"Mom I have something to tell you and I'm afraid you are going to be really mad."

"What is it?"

"Ok, but will you cover your ears because I don't want to hear you scream."

"I promise I won't scream."  I don't scream anyway! I promise I'm not a terrible mother.

"I actually ate more of those little chocolates. Sorry mom, it was an accident. Am I going to get coal now?"

Both years he didn't make it past the 3rd before giving in to temptation. This year he got his calender on the 3rd though so it shows he has his mothers impatience.

I personally think that Eli thinks that if he can open all those doors early it will be Christmas sooner.  He has asked about when it will be Christmas non-stop since Thanksgiving. 


Deidra said...

I love those little "accidents" that happen so often with 5 year olds!

The Haights said...

Sounds like he is a chip off the old block. You always used to eat yours too!

Laurel said...

he he he. :D My mother would never buy us those kinds of advent calendars, much to my dismay. I actually considered putting candy in ours this year, but decided otherwise knowing full well that Isabel would have them all opened and eaten before noon on December 1st. What can we say? We have only ourselves to blame for our kids' love of chocolate!

The Bollinger Family said...

If only eating chocolates really could make Christmas come sooner. Maybe he will invent some that really do while developing his plan to rule the world.