Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We headed to Ohio where Stewart's aunt lives.  We were welcomed with open arms and were treated like royalty!  Eli now thinks that he should get special treatment because "he's the guest." I had to tell him that he still has to share and doesn't get everything he ever wanted because at one point in his life he was the guest somewhere. I don't know if he totally understands the word "guest" but he knows he likes it!

The little kid table.
Stewart was in charge of mashing the potatoes. He is proud of the piling technique that he used.
The spread! It was all SO good.
We went to the zoo. it was so much fun. Here is Noah and Eli with the gingerbread people. Is that PC?
We had SO much fun on our little trip. There is nothing like being with family.  I can't wait to get back to Utah where we will be surrounded by family!


Valerie S said...

We missed you guys! Eli's looking older, I need to see him soon.

Anonymous said...

Fun!I am kind of jealous...all I did was make a puzzle at grandma Broughs, bleh.