Monday, December 8, 2008


Tonight I watched Home Alone with Eli.  First of all I LOVE Home Alone. I think it's so funny although I like Home Alone 2 better. (Tim Curry rocks.)  Anyway it was SO fun to watch this show with Eli. He was laughing SO hard. He said "I laughed my breath away" and "I laughed so much I couldn't talk." It was also funny that he kept calling the boy in the movie "home alone." He would say "my favorite part was when home alone put the spider on the bad guys face." We had so much fun eating popcorn, and cookies and snuggling. The only part that he got scared of was at the end he knew that someone would yell "KEVIN" and he left the room before "home alone" got in trouble.

I love Christmas time but it's not as much fun when you don't have a beautiful tree to look at!  I LOVE a Christmas tree they are so beautiful and I think that mine is the most beautiful of all. :) All of the ornaments on my tree are meaningful and special. I LOVE it and I miss my tree.

This Christmas season has been awesome because I have not heard that damn Christmas Shoes song once!  It's freaking amazing.  I hate the Christmas songs that try to pull sentiment tooth and nail. "Where are you Christmas? Why can't I find you?" BLAH  

On the other hand I LOVE some Christmas music. 'Oh Holy Night', 'Oh Come all ye Faithful', "Silent Night'. YEA! I love beautiful songs that are about the true meaning of Christmas.

And my last thought for the night.  I am so excited to come back home.  My plan is to spend every second that I can with Eli and Stewart over this Christmas break. We have about 2 weeks during Christmas before Stewart leaves for a few months of training, and after this week and 1/2 of being without him I am going to OD on him.  

So there are my ramblings. Enjoy!


Deidra said...

I loved your ramblings! It is fun to watch those movies with your kids for the first time. I will definately have to put that one in for Zack! He would love it.

Laurel said...

I feel the same about Christmas music. I absolutely LOVE the majority of it, but there are definitely those that make me want to stick my finger into my eye, into my brain, and swirl it around. :D Have fun with your cute family!

Alicia said...

Oh Becca! I love the thought of you and Eli watching Christmas movies together. And I love you hating lame music so much. Miss you!

The Bollinger Family said...

I am so with you on the Christmas shoes song. I know it is supposed to be sad, but it is too cheesy and I laugh when I hear it.

Scar Belly said...

I'm back!!! Are you ready to "OD" on me?

That sounded kind of dirty, didn't it?

Valerie S said...

I thought of two more songs that are annoying: Any version of the 12 Days of Christmas (especially the one about shopping and has screaming in it)and Dean Martin singing "Rudy the Rednosed Reindeer".

Becca Jo said...

I agree with the 12 days one and I haven't heard the rudy reindeer one. it sounds annoying just by the title though

Amber Burt said...

My boys love the Home Alone movies too. I was at work the other day and my mom called me so that I could hear the boys just giggling in the background, they thought it was the funniest thing ever!
I hope that you have a great Christmas!!!