Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Really! For Me?!

I came home from school today to FLOWERS. I know! He's in Afghanistan and STILL remembers to send me flowers.

*sigh* I miss him. We talked today about plans for when he comes home on leave and I started getting SO excited and then realized it's 2 months away! Way to early to start getting so excited.

Remember when you were little and Christmas seemed to come SO slow! It was the anticipation. Anticipation slows time down.

But for now I'll look at my flowers and be happy.


Maria said...

What a great guy! I can't believe how strong you two are to do what your a doing! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better wife.:)

Laurie said...

Oh, Becca. That made me all sad. I miss him, too. We are all excited to see you and Eli this week, though! And I hope you do fun things on his leave. It'll come soon... ish.

Cassia said...

What a sweetie! Two months away...JEALOUS! But don't worry, I'm still 5 months away and can't wait!!