Friday, August 1, 2008


Have you heard about ChaCha? It's so fun. It's also my new job. Here's how it works:

1) Text 242242 (chacha) and ask them anything. Anything. Ask them how far it is from Salt Lake to Provo or what the weather is in Alaska...or if you like, something a little more risqué. Your question will be answered and maybe by me! (don't worry I won't know it's you.)

2)If you want to become an all knowing ChaCha guide go to the website here and click on the bottom left corner button where is says "become a guide". If you do sign up make sure you put that I referred you by putting my e-mail address in the spot where it asks. My e-mail address is my first and last name at

It's fun to use and fun to be a guide. Do it. Ask a question! ask one now! Do it. Ask a question.


Mickael said...

I use it all the time and I spread the word like mad!

kristi and family said...

what... sounds awesome....