Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home Sweet Hotel

I know you have all been waiting and waiting to see where we live! This is our home for the next few months. It's temporary lodging so it really is a hotel. We have maid service and continental breakfast! It's really funny to me actually and hopefully it won't get old. Well, of course the maid service won't get old but the hotel carpet will! I am just SO SO happy that we are all together. I really like seeing my hubby everyday. So here are the pictures! Enjoy.

And this is *most of* the stack of Stewart's study materials! I hope that I get to spend SOME time with him! He has to STUDY! haa haa


Sterling said...

First to comment! Neener Neener! I um actually didn't have any great comments... or do I ever. I'm just slathering my stupidity around.

I like the Spongebob balloon floating around ominously like a leashed yellow ghost. Looks like you have a typical hotel toilet that apparently empties into a black hole because they create enough suction to suck down anything within a three foot radius (lost one of my favorite shoes that way)

The Haights said...

I want maid service and continental breakfast!!! It looks really nice and comfortable. It will be nice that you guys are together.

Lamb Fam said...

It seems like all Dave does is study. Lame! That's what we get for marrying nerds. O Well.
And MAID SERVICE?!?! You make the hotel life sound rather appealing. Good luck and when you return we WILL have a play date. Sorry I'm a slacker. kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE Sponge Bob!!...Dave and I do, too.