Saturday, August 23, 2008

Together Again

We are now Kentucky Transient Residents. The housing that we live on is the transient quarters so it's kinda like a nicer hotel room. Hey, it's got maid service!

So the plane ride went very smoothly and yes Eli got a window seat. He's been talking about getting a window seat for about a month! It seems like a month anyway maybe just 2 weeks. I blame Stewart for Eli even knowing to ask for a window seat. I have to blame someone because it's driven me crazy with anxiety worrying about getting him the dang window seat. We flew Southwest which doesn't have assigned seating. It all worked out though and I traveled with a happy little boy.

Funny side note: A few weeks ago I read this blog. On it is a funny story about a little boy asking his mom for a pet monkey. Whenever I read funny things kids say I always think "I wish Eli said that!" and that's what I thought when I read this blog. Anyway so on the plane Eli asked if he could have a pet monkey. I thought that this was it! He was going to say something funny. Here's how it went down:
Eli: Mom can I get a pet monkey?
Me: No
Eli: Why? (that's not funny)
Me: Because it would probably rip my head off.
Eli: Why would it rip your head off? (Perform monkey!)
Me: Monkeys are strong and aggressive. It wouldn't be a good idea to have one for a pet.
I know! Bor-ring!

Anyway Eli had a great time on the plane. He got to lookout the window, eat fruit roll-ups, play with his sticker book, (thanks Grandma Brough) and his laceup book, (thanks Grandma Sorensen) and watch a movie on my laptop.

When we landed Eli started chanting "I flew on a plane. I flew on a plane."

So for the best part! We got to see Stewart!

Do you think that Eli was happy?! Stewart wanted to get Eli something and I suggested a balloon. Of course Stewart couldn't get just ONE balloon! You might not know this about Stewart but he LOVES to give presents. I got some yummy perfume. At dinner I said, "I'm so glad that we get to see daddy!" Eli said, "yeah and I'm so glad daddy gave me balloons."

Here we are all together and this is what Eli looked like from the backseat. Oh so cute. He was very content.

We are happy to all be together and are looking forward to having a little adventure here in Kentucky.


jeri said...

I'm so glad you got to go with Stewart, but will be happier when you are back and we can hang out again.

Ben said...

Basically this is cool but sad. Kentucky is a ways away. Good luck, and thanks for blogging.

kristi and family said...

good luck... you ALL look so HAPPY...

georganne said...

Yeay! I'm happy for you. And you can seriously call whenever you are going out of your mind!

PS maid service? Really?

Lamb Fam said...

Congrats on being together again!

Deidra said...

I laughed so hard at your post! We missed seeing you at the BBQ last night, it was really fun to get to know your family and Mike made the most delish smoked meats EVER! You guys are a great family, Ali is lucky. Good luck in Kentuk!

Valerie S said...

We miss you guys already! I'm so glad you all all together though and you all look so happy. I keep looking around for Eli and wondering where he is.

Ungerman Family said...

I'm glad you are together again, Cute haircut.

Tammy said...

Ok, sorry I read more posts and figured out where you are living. So is your husband going to dental school? I ask because we just had friends move back from Kentucky when he finished dental school. Maybe I should quite asking and keep reading.