Monday, August 4, 2008

Seriously SO Blessed ;)

If you read this blog you might have gotten the impression that I'm a super fan of Eli. If you have gotten that impression you are very perceptive. :) I pretty much feel really really lucky that he is mine and I think that he's the funniest/sweetest/coolest kid around. Sometimes I think that I love my son more than anyone else has ever loved their child and am surprised when other peoples kids do/say things as funny as Eli does. I know, sickening!

So without further ado...
Eli has learned to pump himself of the swings! YES!!! I have tried and tried to get him to master this skill because although I love my son I HATE pushing kids on swings.

This is Eli's new favorite song. You might be surprised about it but I just think that he's going to learn it to sing to a girl that he wants to woo. It's pretty cute to hear him sing a bit of the song.

Eli has decided that he wants to be a LEGO boy. He is a train boy and when I told him that Jacob, his cousin, was a LEGO boy Eli decided that he would be too...but still a train boy...and a Magnetix boy. So Eli's uncle Danny has let Eli borrow his plethora of LEGOs. Eli woke me up at 7:30 this morning when he dumped that whole box of LEGOs out.

Eli has been very quick to point out that the garden in neither his nor Grandpas but is both of theirs because he and Grandpa are garden buddies. If you ever come over and ask to whom the garden belongs you will get this explanation...take that for a warning or a hint.

And to finish this post I will close with this funny thing Eli said a few weeks ago. Eli was freaking out about something that he wanted and I wasn't moving fast enough.
Me: Eli, I said just a minute! Hold your horses.
Eli: (crying) Ok, I will, but where are they? (As he looked around)

***I do know that you all love your kids as much as I love mine! I promise.***


Valerie S said...

Yes, Eli is a train and Lego boy alright. And I have to say that when I saw all Danny's tons of Lego's poured out on Eli's bedroom floor it gives me déjà view of Danny's room when he was a kid. We've got to hide those Lego's better. I wonder how many people remember playing Lego's with Danny?

kristi and family said...

you are such a cute mom and eli, he is dang cute too....

Scott and Michelle said...

Eli is so cute! Your blogs always show so much love for each other.

Sterling said...

Love seriously so blessed!