Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our First Kentucky Weekend

We have had a good weekend. On Saturday we unpacked, went to lunch, went to the Patton Museum, and went grocery shopping. I'll have to take pictures tomorrow of this place but I'm not doing it now because then I'd have to get up and it's just not going to happen. I do however have pictures of the Patton Museum so don't worry I'll post those! ;)

It was a really fun time. We saw, what I call, the Tank Graveyard. At Fort Knox they have out of commission tanks placed randomly on post. At the museum they had probably about 16 lined up. It looked so sad all those poor dead tanks.

The bad thing that happened at the museum is that Eli acted like a kid. He was bored because he already knew everything and had seen everything before and it wasn't cool enough. This is the first time this has happened. He suddenly seemed older and I hated that. I wished for the times that he acted like a kid by running around and touching everything. He did like the tank simulator though. He could either use the brake or the controls not both. As you can see Stewart liked it too.

The Commissary was having a case lot sale so we stocked up on the mac and cheese and Top Ramen. Good timing I have to say!

Today we went to church. It was lots of fun. There were a 2 or 3 boys in his class and 1 girl. There was also a lizard in there which is about all that Eli remembers church today. I did meet one the moms of a boy in his class so we are going to set up a play date for next week. Everyone I talked to lives on post so that was interesting. I guess it's about half and half though. The church was about 20 minutes away.


georganne said...

wait..wait..wait...there was a lizard in his class at church?

Alicia said...

Hi friend
Please forgive me for not calling or checking your blog in a decade... I'm really sad I didn't get to see you before you left. (Wish I'd had this kid before you left too.) Hmm. Anyway... I'm so glad you are doing well and you and hubby are back together again. I'll miss you!