Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Easy Money

A conversation:

Eli: Mom, if you will take me to see the really big sharks at the big ocean I'll give you....200 dollars.
Me: 200 dollars?
Eli: Yeah, do you wanna do it?
Me: Well, probably not today but maybe some day.

I don't know where he thinks he'll get 200.00 because I didn't ask. I just was trying not to laugh because if he is being serious and you laugh at him he'll feel really bad...or get mad...either reaction is bad.


Sterling said...

He's gonna make it selling shark skin wallets.

Valerie S said...

Maybe he was thinking of borrowing the money from Grandma?

georganne said...

My nephew just offered to buy me a Pokemon if I come to Utah. All this generosity floating's nice to see the future generations are growing up on the right track. :)

Scar Belly said...

That kid... I swear I will take him so see sharks now!