Sunday, November 4, 2007

And Again...

I kind of feel like I'm bragging or something but I got MORE flowers! On Friday, Stewart had more flowers sent to me. I love opening the door and seeing someone holding beautiful flowers for me. I don't know what's gotten into Stewart but I'm not going to complain. There was a time when Stewart would get me flowers only as a sign of contrition, but it's been many years that he sends them when things are going exceptionally well or to cheer me up if I'm sad or stressed. Now I just get things like clean kitchens as signs of contrition...and that works well for me! :)
Here is a picture of Eli being really ornery because we wanted him to hold the flowers for a picture.


Scar Belly said...

I love the painful look he has on his face - "These are SOOOOOO HEAVY!"