Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Truck

With winter fast approaching and motorcycle season ending we decided that we needed a new vehicle. I wanted a small car that gets great gas mileage and Stewart wanted something with 4 wheel drive. Who won you ask? Just look below!
Yes, Stewart got a victory! Of course after driving it around for a few days I declared that I would be the soul possessor of the Pathfinder. It is pretty fun to drive...except off-roading which I am afraid of! Stewart took Eli and I off-roading on Saturday to break in the truck. The whole time I was saying "why are we doing this?" I didn't have fun but Stewart did maybe Eli did a little.

I remember going camping with my dad and the whole time I would be so scared because he NEVER actually looked a the road. He was always looking for deer. I just remember thinking that we would go careening off the cliff with the trailer behind us. I would sit there and watch the road like a hawk and mentally steer us on the road. We probably were never in danger but it really scared me and THIS is why I believe I will never like off-roading.


georganne said...

Ooh. I have always wanted a pathfinder! Now you can move big stuff and lots of people.

I understand the off-road mentality. My memory is a little different. It includes a 15 passenger van but the details are basically the same.

Mickael said...

I think it is in the blood because I do it too now.

Valerie S said...

Oh, that's why we never careened off the cliff! You were using your mental powers to keep us on the road. I never knew that!

I can't even tell you how many times Dad almost killed us because he was looking for deer. I grabbed the steering wheel more than once. I'm basically a hero for saving all your lives I hope you know.

The Haights said...

I was always scared too! I never knew I wasn't the only one.

jeri said...

Yay for Pathfinders! We love ours, it is the best.

You should send Stewart wheeling with Joe. They would have a good time, and even though Joe LOOKS like an insane driver, he's actually quite safe and responsible. Or you should come! After endlessly tipping over on one door or another you kind of loose that swoopy feeling in your stomach you get on little bendy roads. It's good for you. :)