Tuesday, November 20, 2007


When I was growing up every year my brothers and sister and I would get at least one new ornament. my mom would try to get something that had to do with something that we did that year (like I got a snowman skiing the year I learned to ski) or they would match with my siblings ornament (like Mike got snoopy, I got Woodstock and Stacy got girl snoopy? or something.) Anyway, this is a tradition that I have carried on with Eli. It's so FUN to decorate your Christmas tree with memories! Whenever I pull out my ornaments I remember decorating the "kids" tree with my siblings and having SO much fun with our ornaments.

This is Eli holding his new ornaments. He got a train from Grandma Sorensen and I got him a boy fishing with his dad in honor of Eli's 1st father-son fishing trip. (He also got a Hogle zoo ornament after this picture was taken.) Eli keeps saying "I can't wait to put these on our Christmas tree!" I can't wait either! I think that this year I will make it to the day after Thanksgiving to put up the tree. Last year I only made it to the day before Thanksgiving.


Valerie S said...

Eli loves trains and plays with my wood train whenever he comes over. That's why I got him a train in case anyone was wondering. Oh, and I love blown glass ornaments.