Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eli says:

I just remembered some fun things that Eli has said recently:

This is a picture of my matryoshka doll that I got in Russia. I have told Eli not to touch it a few times. This morning he said "look mom" and pointed at the doll. He had put them back inside each other. I told him to put them back the way that I had them because I wanted them out so people could see all of them. He said, "but you told me not to touch it."

When Eli is talking about something that happened in the past he has a funny way of saying it. For this example we'll pretend that he is talking about going hiking. He'll say, "We went hiking yesterday from a long week ago."

One time I called Eli by his actual name which is Elias. He looked very offended and said "I'm not Eli Lettuce!" Eli detests lettuce.

At the Dr's office Eli was sitting upside down on the couch. I told him to sit up like a normal boy and he said, "I'm not a normal boy!" If I ever call him normal he thinks that it's an insult.


The Haights said...

He's so cute! I can see part of the picture where he's screaming on santa's lap. I think you should post that picture.