Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday!...UPDATED

Well I just got back from some Black Friday Christmas shopping. This is my 3rd year of going with my sister. We started at Walmart and then hit Target and then breakfasted at Sam's Club. It was SO fun. If you have never experienced this holiday tradition I highly recommend it. I was scared the 1st year that I went but after my first fight with some old hag I knew that Black Friday and I were friends.

So I got all sorts of stuff and it was so fun. I'm really tired now so maybe I'll post my buys later but for now I'm going to sleep!

UPDATE: Ok I can now post about my holiday shopping. Stacy and I had it all worked out. I got the Elmo and Tonka truck and then went over to get the movies. On my way to get the movies I picked up this kids toy laptop and some magic sand stuff. I just grabbed them because I could. Stacy in the meantime got the SD cards and a printer and the movies. I got trapped and couldn't get over to the movies so I backtracked and went to get a Christmas tree. Unfortunately the tree I wanted was gone. (I did go to a different Walmart later and it was there.) Oh Stacy also got some digital picture frames. We got everything that we wanted so it was nice.

At Target I got a sewing machine* and the movie Annie. I can't remember what Stacy got though. We had so much fun! The only sad part was that when I went to Walmart later pretty much everything was still there! It's more fun when you barely get the stuff you wanted.

*there is a long story about this machine but just know I got an expensive one for a cheaper price