Monday, November 5, 2007

Building a Bear

Well the thumb sucking is over and for the reward Eli got to build a bear. When Eli turned 3 his Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen took him to build a bear. Eli built a really cute little Buzz Lightyear bear and he has loved it ever since. So tonight we took Eli to go and build a bear. It was so cute. Eli was so excited all day and was very well behaved. (it's SO nice to have a threat! I'm already using Santa Clause.)

So here is Eli hugging his bunny to make sure that it had enough fluff. I'm not really sure why he chose a bunny because there was a dinosaur that he really liked too. I think that he chose the bunny because it was more expensive! When my mom and dad were paying he chose the cheapest bear!

Next Eli got to give his bunny a "bath" He was really cute and brushed it all over.

Out of all the cute clothes that he could have picked Eli chose this fisherman's outfit which I didn't like. There was a really cute pirate costume and an army outfit but Eli decided his bunny was a fisherman. If they would have had a woody costume Eli would have chosen that but they didn't...unfortunately.

So Eli named his bunny "Fisher" and when we got home he introduced "Fisher" to "Buzz Lightbear." Eli set them up like this and had me come and take a picture. It was so cute.

All in all it was a fun evening. Doing things like this with kids is so fun!


Angie Monson said...

He is just so cute! I love his little glasses. We should go to the zoo! That would be fun. We should get Valerie to come with us too and have a reunion... Call me 787-4432,


Mickael said...

That kid really knows how to build stuffed animals!

sorensenpower said...

That's pretty awesome! I like that you don't agree with any of his selections. He's a funny kid. The other day when he was over here he would say something then say, "Right?" Then he would say another sentence and say, "Right?"

Valerie S said...

Oh I love bunnies! I think he did a good job! Very cute outfit. Yes, it is hard when they don't pick out what you think is cute (remember the pink bear Brooklyn got?). Now you know how I felt! LOL Remember, he does like to go fishing with his Spider-man fishing pole. Fisher is a cute name.

The Haights said...

How cute! I'm so glad he was able to stop sucking his thumb. Remember when he said, "I'm afraid this is going to be hard." He's a cutie.

Alicia said...

Awe Becca, you are a cute mom!
Cute background by the way!

Laurel said...

He is seriously one of the cutest little guys I've ever seen! What a sweetheart!