Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stewart's big adventure!!!

This post is a long time coming... but it was still kind of cool.

About two weeks ago, Becca tricked me into going to bed at 6 PM on a Friday night. However, her plan backfired and I woke up 1 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. I watched the end of Carrie on TV, read about guns and animals I would like to shoot, and then around 4 AM, I got the bright idea to hike to the top of the mountains just east of our apartment!

This seemed like a good way to get back in shape for ROTC (I'll be re enrolling and finishing my last class next semester after a 2 year break), so I got dressed in my boots and uniform. Besides, after watching Carrie, I was afraid the Boogie Man might try to get me while I was hiking, and if he saw me in my high speed low drag gear, he'd figure I was a ninja and leave me alone.

I started up the mountain at 5:30 AM and reached the summit just before 7. When I got to the top, here's what I saw:I'm not a fan of "the city", but I think I finally found a way to appreciate Salt Lake - from 2 miles and a few thousand feet up. (I kill me) Danny will appreciate that I have an "evil head lamp" (you might remember his comment about the evil pumpkin on Becca's post about Halloween). I have to confess that most of my personal possessions are possessed.

Speaking of the Boogie Man - when I arrived at the summit, shortly before taking this picture, I saw two men reach the summit, just 50 feet away from me - they came up from the canyon just south of where I made my ascent - I don't know what the odds are of that happening at 6:50 AM on a Saturday, but it rattled me when I first saw them. They never saw me - I didn't try to attract their attention either since they were both carrying rifles and from my recollection there is no shooting allowed in Salt Lake County, and there wasn't a rifle hunt in progress...

A scant 20 feet from the peak, I found a mail box wedged in a pile of rocks:
It was full of journals that had been left by someone named James (I think) for hikers to fill out. I left a short message and signed my name and hiked back down the mountain after watching the sun rise.

If you ever have a free Saturday, I suggest getting up before dawn and doing a hike like this. It won't replace a vacation, but it puts everything into perspective when you can see how small your daily life appears from up there.


The Haights said...

Wow Stewart! That's cool It almost make me want to go hiking really early in the morning. I am usually still up by 1 in the morning. I should just pull an all nighter.

Valerie S said...

Stewart, did you leave a note telling Becca where you were? You did, right? (As Eli would say.)

Very cool picture of SLC in the back. Weird about the guys with the guns.

sorensenpower said...

That's why you never leave home without a sniper rifle!

Scar Belly said...

Go hiking Stacy!!! It's so much fun!

Valerie, I told Becca before I left - and I packed along the 1911 just in case I really DID run into the Boogie Man.

Danny is right, but instead of sniper rifles, I like to pack along a radio so I can call in Air/Artillery strikes!

You know the song, "Napalm sticks to poachers!" :-)

jeri said...

Stewart, you are awesome. Joe will be jealous. I'm e-mailing this post to him.

Scar Belly said...

Joe and I need to hang out

My Three Boys said...

Hey nice to hear from you. And no you don't wish you were here. We are on our way back in Feb/Mar. YEAH! We will have been here 2 yrs. Looks like everything is going well.

Nat and Ster

georganne said...

Back to ROTC?! It'll never be the same... I am oficially not letting Stan read your blog anymore. The last thing he needs to do (and the first thing he wants to do) is climb to the top of a mountain in the dark alone. Especially since he's not supposed to do much besides walking anyway.

Scar Belly said...

Oh man!!!

The Army rabble showed up!

Ster - you officially rock and you better call me when you get back... I need to send you my new number.

George Anne - I don't know how this whole ROTC thing is going to work... will Porter still have a cast on his leg? Will Denton still insist on hugging me and telling me he loves me? Will the little blond guy still talk in a high pitched voice when he gets excited? I don't know... but if any of that's changed, my reality will come crashing down on me.

Tell Stan to get better!