Thursday, December 27, 2007

Curse the Wii

My muscles are SO sore! Stewart's mom managed to snag a Wii a few days before Christmas so I played Wii way more than was necessary on Christmas day. The next day I had muscle aches the like that haven't been felt for many moons.

You should have seen me bowl though! I used my regular tactic when I bowl which is throw the ball as hard as you can. I totally rocked the bowling. In baseball I also threw the ball as hard as I could manage because it gave instant gratification my telling you when your MPH was. Unfortunately I couldn't hit the ball which is another reason to curse the Wii.

Yes, the Wii is like a little box of fun that can cause pain and suffering but you still can't wait to play again! And it magically makes you really good at bowling.


Alicia said...

I just read your comment on Megan and Scott's blog-- you are so sweet. No one knows like you eh? It's just so sad. Thanks, friend!

jeri said...

Joe played the Wii for the afternoon a few weeks ago and managed to clonk Darcy in the head with the baseball bat. He's grounded from the Wii. I would like to give it a try though.

Scar Belly said...

The problem with WII boxing, is that you have the strong desire to physically punch your opponent, if you start to lose.