Friday, December 21, 2007

Eli's game

So yesterday while I was shopping I called my sister Stacy to find out what to get her son for Christmas. She was telling me that I could get him some art supplies because he loves to make things. She was telling me that he made some game for their family to play for FHE. The next week Brooklyn made a game too. I was telling her that I couldn't see Eli making a game.

Well that night Eli came in and told me come and play the game that he made! The game consisted of Eli's stool turned upside down and a bowl and lunch box on two sides of the stool. We threw a toy rocket, and a rubber monkey into one of the things. It was quite the game and I was proud of Eli's creativity.


Alicia said...

Becca, I am always so amazed at how smart and creative Eli is. You are a great mom.