Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Work Christmas Party

Last night we went to my work Christmas party. It was so good! They had it at the Market Street Grill. Holy cow it was good food and I won a prize. I also won a prize at the summer party. I LOVE winning prizes it makes me feel so happy inside.

On a side note Eli told me today and yesterday that he was having a boring day! It's true too. I suck.


Valerie S said...

So what did you win?

Scar Belly said...

She won a "Baroque Candle Set", which consisted of 3 heavy weird looking candlesticks without any candles in them :-(

Becca would have rather won the $100 gift card to the Sportsman's Warehouse!

And no, Becca doesn't suck - she's SOOOOOOOOO much fun.

jeri said...

Random, I spent about an hour last night packaging up someone's "Baroque Candle Set" after our relief society Christmas party... It was really pretty and smelled strongly of laquer thinner.

Alicia said...

I never win stuff! I love your Christmas card btw... so cute!

georganne said...

You have to take a picture so we can see. I'm trying to visualize "baroque" in my head, but nothing is coming.