Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our 75.00 ER Visit

So we had a scare with Eli last night! Eli couldn't sleep last night so he got out of bed and got and apple to eat. We were all just sitting around talking when I saw Eli scratch his leg. Last week I took him to the Dr. because he has eczema all over his legs. I hadn't put the lotion on his legs that night so I took him in the bathroom and pulled down his jammie bottoms. What I saw was this huge, hot spot that looked like it had blisters on it! I called for Stewart to come in and look and when Eli saw it he started crying. It was SO bad. It looked like a sunburn that started to blister and right before our eyes it started to spread! I called the "ask a nurse line" which was no help at all and the instacares were closed so we rushed him over to LDS hospital once the rash got on his neck.

To make a long story short (too late) Eli had an allergic reaction to something and they were atypical hives. The Dr. said that children with eczema are at risk for allergies. So I think that with Eli having a cold and eczema he had a reaction to the apple that I didn't wash.

On a positive note Eli was a hit at the Hospital. Everyone thought that he was so cute and funny. People stopped to say "Hi" to him and were just laughing at the things that he was doing. He was naked with just his underpants on so I called him "Captain Underpants" and he started laughing and laughing. The couple in the next room were laughing at him laughing. Eli was really glad that they let him keep the "bracelet" and was pretty worried that they would take it off before we left.


georganne said...

Oh my goodness you guys, that's horrible. But to be honest, you probably better makes friends at the ER sooner than later with Stewart as his dad.

P.S. On a weird side note, my dad was also in the hospital yesterday with some kind of "allergic reaction" to who knows what. Maybe it's a conspiracy to cover up the next plague.

Mickael said...

YIKES! I am glad you got it taken care of. What did they do for his atypical hives?

Scar Belly said...

This was a scary experience - I was worried we'd get to the hospital too late given the rate at which it was spreading