Sunday, December 23, 2007

Once There was a Snowman...or Six

Eli had 2 little friends come over and bring him gifts yesterday! I felt really bad because I had not bought him anything to give to his friends. So tonight we made some little ornaments. I thought that they turned out pretty cute. They definitely look homemade but what can you do?! The things under the snowmen is a snake or something. That was Eli's little creation.

These are made out of Sculpy. If you have never used Sculpy that's really quite a shame. I used to make all sorts of rad jewelry and beads out of it. It's a kind of clay and you mold it then cook it to make it hard. I had a huge thing of white and I added food coloring to it to make the blue and pink. I learned that Sculpy isn't really meant to be dyed. I made a huge mess out of food coloring. So if you need colors of it just buy the colored Sculpy.


Scar Belly said...

When I saw the picture of Eli's "snake", I thought to myself, "Well, Becca managed to melt another spoon..."

And then I read the post. :-)

georganne said...

they look "homemade"? Are you kidding me? Those are super cute Becca!

jeri said...

I swear you and Joe are the only two people left on this earth who use the word "rad". Well, they probably do in eastern Europe too.

Valerie S said...

They are very cute! I know Eli likes to do "crafts".