Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eli says:

Eli has been in rare form lately. I wish that I could remember every funny thing that he says but there's just too many.

Eli has been asking for a kitty for SO LONG! He wants a pet really really bad. I've had to tell him that I'm allergic to cats and dogs so we can't get one. About 3 days ago he came and asked if I was allergic to pet bunnies. I said that I didn't know if I was. He didn't really say anything else except he asks about once a day if I'm allergic to pet bunnies.

This morning we had the following conversation:
Eli: I had a dream about a guy that was shooting rabbits
Me: Was it daddy? (Stewart loves shotting rabbits...but just ugly jack rabbits.)
Eli: No, it was a guy called shooter guy and he was shooting the nice rabbits.
Me: oh Daddy only shoots the mean ones huh?
Eli: Yeah, Stewart shoots the mean ones but not the nice ones. But I don't like the mean ones but I like the nice ones. Stewart shoots the mean ones.

He repeated "Stewart shoots the mean ones" about 4 more times. I think he was making sure that mentally he was ok with that.


Scar Belly said...

He asked me the same thing about deer - I told him I only shoot the DELICIOUS ones...

Valerie S said...

You are allergic to bunnies. If you are allergic to cats you are to rabbits. Just ask Stacy.