Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eli says:

So is Eli weird or all all kids like this? Eli has very strong opinions about his clothes. It's really annoying. So yesterday I bought him 2 new church outfits so that he could have a cute one to wear to the Christmas program in church today. I bought 2 because this way he could choose which one he liked better. He immediately chose this cute outfit that has a sweater. Well when I put it on him today he kinda freaked. Don't let this smiley face fool you. He's smiling because he's teasing his dad about wearing flipflops to church.We are all in the same room.
Eli: Daddy can I not wear these new clothes to church.
Stewart: no you have to wear them. Stewart leaves the room.
Eli: Daddy says I don't have to wear these clothes to church.
Becca: Eli you are telling a lie. Daddy said you do have to wear them.
Eli: No he didn't he said I don't.
Becca: Eli, you are telling a lie.
Eli: yes I am. (in a sing-song-sad voice)

Why do some things have to be so hard?! I just want him to look cute and not wear floods to church!


sorensenpower said...

He must get it from you? Remember when you would tell me I was adopted?

Becca Jo said...

NO! I think that he gets it from Mike. Remember how Mike would take forever getting ready! That's how Eli's going to be. It's probab;y good that we only have one child because Eli is going to want the best stuff.

georganne said...

Stan's nephew is like that about shoes. He will only wear certain shoes. And if he is wearing pants and shoes, he freaks out if the laces poke out under the pant legs. He is 2

jeri said...

Oddly enough (and because we always seem to be doing the same thing at the same time) Parker has the younger version of that EXACT SAME outfit! It's a zip-up sweater with a hood and the shirt underneath has that truck and trees on it. And the tan cords. I'm posting pictures of him wearing it right now. So they are both way cute.

Ben said...

There are only two ways to combat non-compliance:
1. Behavioral momentum
2. Precision Commands
If you're serious, I can teach you the ways of mastering childhood non-compliance...It just might blow your mind!

Alicia said...

Becca... I think you have the cutest little boy I've ever seen! Does his smile melt your heart everyday?