Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cute Eli

Today Eli offered to let me lick the corner of his mouth. He had had sherbet about 10 minutes earlier and discovered the remnants of his dessert on the corner of his mouth. He didn't know why it was so good and kept trying to get me to taste how good his skin was. I told him it was because of the sherbet and he didn't think it was as cool. I think that for just a minute he thought that's how his skin tasted!

I've been reading "The Book of Mormon" with Eli before bed. He is so cute and just listens for as long as I will read to him. He'll ask questions once in a while so I know he's listening part of the time. Well last night I was reading a part that says, "Joseph and his fathers kept the plates." Meaning that they wrote the plates of brass. Eli said "who kept them?" so I read it again. He said, "I thought Laban kept them." (Laban kept them away from Nephi.) I thought that was so neat that he understood and put that together! I explained it to him and he said "oh" and just kept on listening.

This morning Eli had a nightmare so I put him in bed with me. (Stewart had already left for Logan.) At some point Eli said, "I'm not 5! I'm 4. I'm still 4." I just went back to sleep. At breakfast I told him what he said and he started laughing and said that he had a dream that he was at his friend Anna's house and her friends were there. The friends were saying that only "5 kids" (meaning 5 year olds) could cut. ( I don't know what they were cutting.)

Eli is so funny and has been especially cute this week.


Valerie S said...

I think it is so amazing the way kids minds work. They try so hard to figure things out and when they don't get it just right it's usually hilarious.

Scar Belly said...

It's our fault. We constantly are telling Eli we're going to eat his ears and nose because he's "delicious".