Monday, February 11, 2008

6 years ***Warning You Might Not Like This Post Mom***

So I told you what I was doing 10 years ago but do you want to know what I was doing 6 years ago?

6 year ago exactly I was making out with Stewart. In 2002, February 10th was on a Sunday just like it is this year. Stewart brought me cookies and invited me to go to ward prayer with him. He was supposed to bring them to me the Sunday before but didn't so I got mad at him at church on the 10th and he brought me some that night.

After ward prayer we went to his house because he said that he needed to make some more cookies. It was a lie but he had to get me to his house one way or another. So we did make cookies and we watched Goonies. We flirted and stuff during the movie and after it was over he made his move and kissed me. So then we made out for the next 7 hours or so. I'm not exaggerating.

I woke up Monday morning and was so happy because I REALLY liked Stewart. I had liked him from afar for a while but wasn't really interested in having a boyfriend then because I had just broken up with the stupid ex-boyfriend from the previous post about 2 or 3 months before. So I was really worried to see him that day because I didn't know if he was interested in anything more than just making out. Stewart worked at the computer lab and as I was walking down the long hallway toward the lab he saw me and had this huge smile on his face.

Monday, we went to an FHE valentine dance that Stewart was in charge of and the WHOLE ward was freaking out because they all knew Stewart (seriously everyone in the ward knew and loved Stewart) and no one knew me. We were like glue the whole night and one group of girls glared at me the whole time because Stewart had been hanging out with one of their friends a little bit and they could sense that my Sorensen Power had swooped in and there was no chance for that other girl to get with Stewart now.

So that night we made out for about 5 hours. It was either this night or the next night that I told him I didn't want to just be a kissing friend and he said he didn't either. He decorated my bed with really yummy candy for V-day and the rest is history. About 3 weeks later we knew we wanted to get married and June 6th we did. We always look back on this and laugh and can't believe how it all happened! We think that it's a funny story and I can't believe that I didn't scare Stewart away because if you don't know me I can be a little forward. He has stories, many, many stories.

I just remember really feeling drawn to Stewart and thinking that he was so hot and physically my type. I thought that he was out of my league and he thought the same. Stewart is very social and I'm more introverted (although he has brought me out a lot.) I loved his charisma and friendly attitude toward everyone. I think that we are a good match for each other and we are lucky that it worked out I guess! He could have married some crazy chick! :)

So 6 years ago exactly I was totally getting some! I'm going to go do that again...just to commemorate. :)


The Haights said...

You mean he didn't marry some crazy chick? :Wowee

The Haights said...

Just Kidding. ;)

jeri said...

Now that you've had all these happy memories and gotten some journal-reading-inspired action, you can't be TOO mad at me for tagging you.

georganne said...


Scott and Michelle said...

I love that story! Nothing makes me happier than reading about how people met.

Sterling said...

I remember Stewart and my first kiss... oh wait! That's right! We never kissed. I was just confused with the time I played Halo for the first time with Stewart. I was the guy that gets trapped in the corner and can't figure out how to get out and I spent about 20 minutes twitching around like naughty kid with his nose in the corner and a terrible nervous twitch. By the time I got out Stewart had annihilated everything in the room. Which, by the way... very similar to my first kiss. (Which I can assure you, had NOTHING to do with Stewart)

steph said...

you seriously kill me! i love reading your blog. you make me laugh so hard. so, one quick question, what kind of jogging stroller do you have?

Alicia said...

Oh the days of making out endlessly... Blaine and I would have make-out-marathons... damn they were good!
Your old boyfriend WAS stupid. :)