Monday, February 11, 2008


What the hell? People can "tag" other people and then the people who are tagged feel guilt for not doing their part. I have been tagged twice so now the guilt has doubled and I have to fill this out. Sorry! It's this over inflated sense of guilt that gets me to the gym and make me tell Stewart the naughty things I do (Honey, I have to tell you something, I spent 20 dollars on a shirt today...but it was on sale).

What were you doing 10 years ago.
Tuesday, February 10, 1998
Today my car broke! I was so mad. It's fixed now but I was so worried. I was driving home from (ex-boyfriends) house and all the sudden the lights went dim and the radio wouldn't work and it died! We thought it was the alternator but it was the alternator belt so it only cost 8.00 instead of 95.00. I was so lucky.

This was an excerpt from my journal from 10 years ago almost to the day. I was living in Cedar City with my cousin Mandy. I was going to SUU and I think still thinking about becoming a nurse. I had a boyfriend but he was stupid (that's what Stewart says!) I really liked Cedar and had a lot of fun there.

Things on my To-Do list today.
Bottle some chicken, make dinner, get Stewart from work...actually maybe I can get Stewart to take me out to dinner...I'll have to think about that one.

Snacks that I enjoy.
anything with chocolate, peanut butter with a banana, any fruit really, peanuts if we have them.

What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire?
I would buy a house! My house would have lots of fenced in backyard so Eli could have his OUTSIDE pet. I would pay off all our debt. I would donate to the Huntsman Cancer Institute because they are so wonderful. I would help our families with their debt. I would save a lot because you just never know. Oh and I'd buy us 2 brand spanking new cars! Ok Stewart I'd buy you a gun or two also. :) Basically I'd just buy our happiness. Because it seems like you really CAN buy happiness.

3 of my bad habits.
1-I bite my nails
2-I procrastinate
3-I keep a messy house

5 places I have lived.
1-Logan, Utah
2-St. Petersburg, Russia
3-Camp Towanda, Pennsylvania :)
4-West Jordan, Utah
5-Cedar City, Utah

5 jobs I have had.
1-MOM-that's the best one
2-Apartment manager-that's the worst right now because I'm still doing it.
3-CNA at Primary Children's Hospital-loved it!
4-Trainer at the West Jordan Care Center-it's a home for disabled people-I liked it
5-America Reads reading tutor-loved it!

5 things people don't know about me.
1-I have carefully thought out my attack method if a man ever attacks involves killing him.
2-I really want to be a roller derby girl, which you may know, but I am one small step closer to becoming one. (that's all I'm saying about that)
3-I have had 3 miscarriages
4-I am so scared to drive in any kind of inclement weather. My mom said I was like an old lady. People can die Mom!
And all the other things that I can think of are completely inappropriate and you don't want to know them anyway.

Now to lay on the guilt to someone else... I mean tag someone else.
I tag Georganne, Stacy, Mental Floss and Danny.


Scar Belly said...

$20 on a shirt? Buy me a few boxes of .233 Remington ammo and all is forgiven. *wink wink*

By the way, I never said your boyfriend was "stupid", I said he was an idiot, and that I want to fight him in a cage match.

The great thing about Becca's self defense method is that is ALSO involves "kicking the guy in the nuts". I hope that she also takes a class that teaches her to effectively use a concealed weapon to either stab or shoot anyone who tries to harm her or Eli.

The Haights said...

WHAT? The way you "tag" people is by writing their name in your blog? That's just like telling people to stop reading your blog!!! What is up with that?!

georganne said...

I don't accept.


Laurel said...

I remember Alicia telling us stories of you having to hose-down some of your patients for their "shower" time... It honestly NEVER sounded appealing to me. :)

Love it!

Valerie S said...

Don't ever tag me. I'm not kidding. Plus I don't have a blog.

Laurel: I was horrified when I found out what Becca was doing at the care center. All I could think of was "my poor virgin eyed daughter".

Alicia said...

Yes!! You didn't tag me. :)