Monday, February 25, 2008

Eli says: (and does)

Saturday night (or Sunday morning) Eli had a nightmare so he came to weasel his way into our bed. I told him that he couldn't come in our bed and to go back to his bed. He sat down on the floor with his pouty, stubborn face and I continued to sleep. Suddenly, he jumped up and said "I'll give you a kiss if you let me in your bed." He has turned my tricks against me! The only way I can get a kiss from my little boy is by coercion. I told him I'd lay in his bed with him for a little bit but I still wanted that kiss. I got it and we all went back to sleep.

Here is a typical conversation in our household:

Eli: How do you say gremlin?
Me: Gremlin

This happens at least once a day if not more. It's always different subjects but he is always asking some question that I have no idea what the answer is. It's actually really annoying to have these questions asked and the way that Eli responds to me like I'm an idiot is also annoying.

Eli has told me that I'm gorgeous about 5 times in the weekend! He is so sweet and loving.

His new phrase is "oh snap" he doesn't exactly know when to use it but it's so funny to hear him say it.

Now for the "does" portion of this post. Eli is all about copying exactly what Stewart does. If Stewart lays on the floor, Eli has to lay on it. If Stewart turns his hat backwards, so does Eli. It is so cute to see Eli acting this way and noticing his dad. It's a reminder to Stewart to be good!

Eli wrote me a "thank you note" I'm not sure why he called it a thank you note but he did. It said "L U MO ♥" That means "love you mom."

When I was sewing Eli came and told me to come see what he made. This is what I saw:

We think that Eli is the smartest and cutest little boy ever!


Mickael said...

That kid is a genius!

The Haights said...

How cute! He spelled CAT!

Alicia said...

I agree with Mike... GENIUS! (Can I set him up yet?)
And I love your bag. You are so crafty!

Valerie S said...

What a smart little grandson!