Sunday, February 17, 2008

B to the I to the NGO

Saturday Night was pretty rockin' at the Brough house. We had our first ever bingo night. There was yelling, fighting, and prizes...well not yelling and fighting but definitely prizes....and food.
There was a little fighting when people would hog the markers. (Mike)

Some people didn't ever get a real bingo even though they tried to call one. (Danny)

Some people left their prize but I'm glad because I really like it. (Robert)

All my siblings came with their significant others. By the way, Danny has a very significant other because his girlfriend Emi has decided that she would like to obtain "Sorensen Power" and marry him. :) So yea for Danny! He still hasn't blogged about it but I'm sick of not talking about it.

If you like fun things I would suggest hosting your very own bingo party. Really nothing brings people together like bingo. Click on the picture to learn what it takes to be a good bingo player. it was a very funny article!


The Haights said...

We want that prize back!! Nathan lost it.

Bingo night was fun. Cuz I won!!!

Ben said...

One more reason why I wish the Sorensen Family had its own reality TV show.

Mickael said...

Best Bingo Night --- EVER!

Laurie said...

Oh... I am so bummed we couldn't make it! Next time... and we'll try to be healthy so we don't contaminate you all.

Elle said...

ccd 8 bno oo xt534q1 baby's helping me type sorry.
Becca! It's Michelle! I saw your name on Cara's website! Your boy is adorable.

Cara said...

Hi Becca, thanks for commenting! So fun to see your cute family, I just love blogs!

The Barclay's said...

I made my blog private and I dont' have your email address to invite you.. my email is email me so i can give your permission to view..