Tuesday, February 12, 2008

True Utahn

Eli is officially a true Utahn. I know this because he wanted to wear shorts in the middle of winter. This is a picture of him riding his scooter to school with shorts on.

Last Sunday Eli had a little accident at his Grandma Brough's house. Luckily she had a cute outfit that she was planning on giving him for Easter that she let us have early. Unluckily, it's very cool and is a Thomas the Tank outfit so now he wants to wear it EVERYDAY!

I was really embarrassed walking him to school because I figure that every parents was thinking how bad of a mom I was letting my child wear shorts in the winter. At least I made him wear his coat though! When I put it on him he tried to take it off and said that he didn't think his coat looked cute on his scooter. That's Eli for you! He's all about looking cool.


The Haights said...

I'm a true Utahn and I have never had a desire to wear shorts in winter. Sandals... yes.

Laurel said...

Oh, I remember the days of thinking 45 degrees meant we were having a heat wave (apparently) and busting out the shorts. Even WITH my ridiculously white legs. Lucky for me (and anyone with an aversion to glow-in-the-dark gams), I have graduated from that mentality and am actually quite fond of pants and boots.

Valerie S said...

Maybe you could tell Eli that he shouldn't wear shorts until he gets a tan on his legs. Will this mean anything to him?

Alicia said...

You totally need to check out Laurel's blog... relate-able AND funny.
We need to hang out!