Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Mommy

Eli just came into the kitchen and said: "When your heart stops beating we can get a new mommy."

"What?" I said

"When your heart stops beating we can get a new mommy that isn't allergic to cats."

That's just great! Eli is willing to sacrifice his mother to get a pet. He is watching Elmo's world and they are talking about cats. They showed a boy going to the humane society to choose a cat. I guess this set Eli off. If I wasn't really allergic to cats I think that I'd go get one right now!

So thanks Sesame Street! This is one parent that won't donate to your program!


The Haights said...

Oh NO! Get him a gold fish, or a mouse, or a rat, or a bird. He wants a pet. Don't get a stinky cat!

Laurie said...

Wow... your son is en route to be the next Poe... if he writes a poem about your heart stopping, you are in trouble!
PS I hope your heart keeps beating!! I don't want Eli to have a new mommy!!

Scar Belly said...

And while we're at it, we want a mommy that likes to buy daddy guns, and has inherited lots of money. :-)

Just kidding - if you die we aren't getting a new mommy; daddy had a hard enough time getting broken in by the first/current one.

Oh, and daddy doesn't like kitties anyways - you can start blaming me for not getting a cat.

Dani Carby said...

I read your blog because I love to hear the funny things Eli says, but this one is kind of sad! :(

I was thinking of Eli this morning and how smart he is!

jeri said...

For heaven's sake don't get a cat. Stewart will probably shoot things at it. Not necessarily shoot IT but he'll traumatize it by shooting various things AT it.

If this mommy's heart stopped beating there would be general celebration and then they would all go get the toys back out of the storage unit. And Joe would never sell the house but instead attach a 5,000 square foot garage to it.

Scar Belly said...

Jeri - I think you are probably right about the cat, although I have a few "less lethal" weapons I could shoot the cat with.

We had a cat once when I was in middle school/high school - I was never mean to the cat, but oh how I hated it! It was MEAN!

I wish I HAD shot it - it would have saved the neighborhood so much trouble.

jeri said...

Growing up, Joe had a cat that could reach up and ring the doorbell when it wanted in the house. It also had the most unearthly evil-sounding yowl and it sounded like it was saying "baaaaacon". Because they (his parents) are insane, they NEVER sent that to America's Funniest Home Videos so they could win $10K. Yeah.... I know! Anyway, if we could find that cat, I would have one. Anything else just won't do.

Laurie said...

Yeah that cat was pretty much satan. I even hated it and it was my stupid cat.... remember how the neighbors' (big) dog was scared of it? I think mom secretly had it put down...