Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camp * Fish * Fun

We had the best weekend last weekend! We had a little Family Reunion in good ol' Mayfield. Eli was so excited to go camping he couldn't stop talking about it for days before the big event. He informed me a week before we left that he was going to sleep in the trailer because he doesn't like tents (news to me) and told anymore that would listen that he would sleep on "the kitchen floor or in the bathtub or maybe this little bed right here." (As he lay on the bed in the trailer.)

Below: the kids eating breakfast in the trailer. The best is Nathans face. He's looking at someone like they are a freak and I think it's Eli. Eli waiting for me to get his fishing pole ready.

Brooklyn and Eli got bored fishing so they got in the nasty water and got soaking wet and so dirty so when we got back to the property the kids ran through the sprinklers. I took a nap and when I woke up the sunburn that I got when we were fishing was really starting to show up. OWWW it's a bad one! :( My Dad started a project and the little kids were enlisted to find rocks and dump them under the water spout. They were such good little workers. I don't get to see Brooklyn in pants very much because she's a dress girl but I think that she looks SO cute in them!

The second day of fishing was more fun for me. Eli caught the 1st fish of the day and I caught my first fish with a lure! I knew that Stewart could catch them with a lure but I didn't know mere mortals could! I was pretty impressed with myself and the whole lake heard me squeal with delight when I caught one. Look at the happy little boy!

Below: we make all the kids take a bite out of a raw fish! Actually Nathan was copying the fishes facial expression. My mom is great to come fishing because she doesn't actually fish but watches the kids so that we can fish. Thanks Mom!

Robert carried a barrel up from below the hill. He apparently has hidden skills of barrel rolling and showed the kids. They all practiced and practiced. Eli was the least daring and always wanted someone to hold his hand. We also went on a million and one four-wheeler rides. We had so much fun and I can't wait to go camping again.


The Bollinger Family said...

Eli looks so cute holding his fishing pole! You look cute too. Good job catching a fish. We haven't been for so long, I don't think I would remember how to tie a knot.

jeri said...

What a fun trip! I gave up fishing a few years ago when I started spending more time herding kids out of the lake and less time actually fishing. You don't need a license to herd kids. Joe has taken Darcy a few times this year and she loves it.

Lamb Fam said...

Yes, we do need to have a playdate with the boys. That would be a lot of fun!

sorensenpower said...

It's true. Becca's sunburn is really bad.

Scar Belly said...

Looks like fun - wish I could be there.

Scott and Michelle said...

We just missed you by a week! I wish we could have run into each other while we were in Sanpete and you were down for the reunion. Oh well. We'll meet up some day.