Monday, July 7, 2008

Eli Says:

Eli prayed: "bless Daddy that he has a good army train." Choo choo Stewart!

My mom thinks that it's so funny that Eli says "amn't" (ament) Like this "no I amn't."

On the way back from gelato Eli was telling all of us a story. When he was done he said, "ok you can talk now." Umm thanks Eli.

When we went to Brooklyn's house and Eli saw her riding her bike without training wheels he said, "I wish I was 5 so I could ride my bike without training wheels!" She had only been 5 for 1 day! I told him that she was 4 when she learned how and he could learn too.

I tried to get Eli to try on Brooklyn's cape so I could see if it would fit and he hid and wouldn't because it's "too girlie!"


Shep's Blog said...

It is too girly for a boy. Come-on Becca. Pink is only cool for metro-sexual guys. Eli plays with guns and goes fishing. A man with a pink cape and a manacure would never be caught putting a worm on a hook. If Stew found out you were trying to get Eli to wear that it would be on like donkey kong!