Friday, July 25, 2008


We had a fun 24th complete with a fully *legal* fireworks and a kid show. In the show Eli is the kid who is mixing something, Jacob is the robber who comes to kidnap him, and Brooklyn is the mom who scares the robber away. It was so funny to see them put on their show and especially funny when they did it 3 times so that they could switch parts. It looks a little violent when Jacob grabs Eli but it was acting. No child was hurt in the making of this film. Here is one of the shows:

Love it.


Ben said...

Sweetness! (Val was totally impressed with your "online video" skills! She's still so amazed at this new invention called the World Wide Web).

Valerie S said...

Do you even know what legal means? That was the most nerve-racking fireworks we've ever had.