Monday, July 7, 2008


Eli has a cute little cousin named Brooklyn. Together they are TROUBLE! Eli spent the 1st 2 1/2 years wanting to play with Jacob. Once he realized that Brooklyn was the only one that would play with him they because fast friends. They are the naughtiest little stinkers that ever lived!

There was the time they smeared Stacy's face cream all over her bathroom counter and floor...a carpeted floor. Lately they have taken to picking on Jacob...poor Jacob.

They are naughty but they are also good little friends. For Brooklyn's birthday I made her a superhero cape like Eli's. I forgot to take their picture together though! I did take pictures of Brooklyn's cape because I was proud of myself! (it was hard for me so shut up!) Eli had the idea for the butterflies on the back and he decided on the placement too.


Valerie S said...

I can see Eli in the background with his cape on. Brooklyn's cape turned out cute. Stacy needs to take a picture of her riding her bike with the cape flapping in the wind.

Alicia said...

I love these capes! How cool are you? What a cool mom!

The Haights said...

Cute kids! Robert said the same thing yesterday about Brooklyn riding her bike with her helmet and cape on. It's pretty hilarious!

Valerie S said...

Stacy! Take a picture!