Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Stewart Brough

Today is Stewart's birthday! Unfortunately, he is in Georgia so we didn't get to celebrate our traditional way of waking him up with chocolate milk and donuts. Well Eli and I still had chocolate milk and donuts and recorded a message for Stewart.

You probably don't want to watch this unless you are Stewart because it's cheesy...and I flash the camera a little. Eli was cute because he wanted to save the candle for Stewart to blow out when he gets home...he also wants to save a donut for him.

Sorry my hair is wet and ugly!


Mickael said...

Happy Birthday Stewart!

The Haights said...

Happy Birthday Stewart. That video made me want to cry!!

Scar Belly said...


Another "Army birthday" - I don't even bother bringing it up to anyone.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks Becca and Eli for the cute video message!

FYI Stacy, that video did make this "steely eyed killer" cry.

Valerie S said...

Happy BD Stewart! We miss you!

Lamb Fam said...

What a cute video! You guys make me want to cry. I'm the cheesy one.